Toronto traffic tickets

Accidental, reckless or careless driving is an offence that can be charged under the traffic ticket paralegal. In these cases, the courts will charge the driver under a particular section of the Traffic Act, depending on the circumstances surrounding the event that led to the offence.

Careless driving is very different from other types of driving charges, such as drunk driving, and is much more serious in the legal system. While most cases will not end up with a conviction, the common factor with the charge is that a careless driver will likely have to pay a hefty fine and have their license suspended.

careless driving charge

The charge may also be brought by the police or by the owner of the vehicle. It is very important for you to get all the information you need on this particular charge so that you can know what it is that the court needs before they decide whether or not you are guilty. However, if you have already been charged with careless driving, you may want to hire a lawyer who specializes in this type of case to defend your rights.

The penalties for this offence depend on several factors, including the number of traffic laws that were broken, the type of damage that was caused, and whether or not it was willful and premeditated. If the judge is convinced that the offense was extremely careless, then you will likely have to pay a heavy fine and you will probably lose your driving privileges until you pay off the cost of the careless driving ticket ontario.

But you can still try to get a conviction against this charge if you are able to convince the judge that you did not know that you were breaking the law and that you acted reasonably and not recklessly. If the judge agrees that you were careless but not intentionally, you will be charged with careless driving.

However, you should look to the public records to find out whether or not you have a history of reckless driving. This will give you some idea of how often you could be charged with this charge. Also, you should know that the seriousness of the offence will be decided by the court and not the judge, so there is no need to be nervous when you are convicted of careless driving.

It is worth looking at the history of your driving record in order to see if there is any previous history of reckless driving. If you are not able to find out any, you will have to convince the judge to think that you do not understand the traffic laws and act accordingly, which will be harder than it seems at first.